million people who take a cruise each year


Cruises operated in North American waters


Passengers capacity of world’s largest cruise ship


knots max. cruising speed of world’s fastest cruise ship

Ensuring passenger comfort. Low vibration and noise are primary goals for passenger vessel solutions. We’re at work on cruise ships, ferries, and yachts.

Solutions for Passenger:

With a comprehensive global network of service engineers and technicians, GE is uniquely positioned to provide the knowledge, experience and skills for your full range of industrial service requirements—protect assets, maintain critical processes, help minimize risks and help maximize productivity.


We deliver original equipment spares around the world as well as repair, refurbish and upgrade customer systems with the latest technology. We offer risk protection through contractual services based on our system experience and sophisticated application calculations.


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  • GE's Marine Solutions is dedicated to power and propulsion systems for customers in the workboat, merchant, offshore and naval industries. Smart engineering coupled with software analytics, we provide customers with data-driven efficiency. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, GE helps power, propel, position and predict the marine industry for operational excellence.

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