The marine industry is in the middle of the most exciting period of transformation since the industrial era. Dramatic advances in technology mean that shipbuilders and fleet owners can achieve things that were never deemed possible. Electrically propelled ships, intelligent and autonomous machines and the ability to meet the most stringent emissions requirements are all now within reach for most of the market.

The key to success is to look at the industry as an ecosystem, rather than dealing with individual vessels as isolated assets. Just as electric, autonomous cars will generate the biggest positive impact within a smart city, intelligent vessels will unleash their full capability within a smart marine ecosystem. 

We are building a truly end-to-end interconnected and collaborative marine ecosystem, breaking down existing silos between organizations, vessels and data to power, propel, position and predict it into a better future. With low-emissions power generation, electrification and digitalization solutions, we provide expert support to customers worldwide to achieve innovation breakthroughs, environmental outcomes and improved business returns.

Together, we are building a cleaner, more-efficient and smarter marine ecosystem.

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  • GE's Marine Solutions is dedicated to power and propulsion systems for customers in the workboat, merchant, offshore and naval industries. Smart engineering coupled with software analytics, we provide customers with data-driven efficiency. Connecting the physical and digital worlds, GE helps power, propel, position and predict the marine industry for operational excellence.

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